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I can't believe that what I feel is really happening to me
Make it hurt
And point the finger at my insecurities
Well I guess I just don't understand about those complexities in your mind
And I guess I just don't understand why this world seems so unkind
Maybe just once I get what's coming to me.

**"Maybe Just Once" - Nine Inch Nails**

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Sex Show was fun times. We left for Toronto Friday afternoon and spent the night at Dana and Lauren's place. We watched "Not Another Teen Movie" because I had never seen it before and made Halloween cookies and played with Dana's lizard, Morrison. He was the cutest thing and I couldn't stop touching him. He likes to stare at the wall. He really seemed to like being in Joey's hair since he ended up laying there for almost an hour and falling asleep.

more Morrison

The next day was Sex Show day! We hung around at Lauren's place until Kyle showed up and then we headed to the subway station. Upon arriving at the Ex, we couldn't find the damn Automotive Building. We got to the Show around 1:00 and it was already pretty busy. Everything was set up in booths so we wandered from one end of the building to the other so we could get a chance to see everything there was to offer. Lauren and I had each budgeted 100$ to spend (yeah, we're poor broke students) so we had to pick and choose wisely.

glass dildos
a stripper

The boys didn't seem as fascinated with things as Lauren and I were. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and Lauren and I have decided we're gonna go next year too. The Show didn't have as many non "mainstream" things as I thought there would be. Most of the booths were just like any other sex store you could find in a major city. There were a few booths that sold collars, cuffs, or floggers but not many. There was a dominatrix booth there but whenever we passed it by she was never in. All of her acessories, like her St Andrew's cross, were hot pink and glittery. She also had Twister mats laid out on the floor. Strange.

Las Gatas dancing
my thumbnail

I got my thumbnail painted at a nail polish art booth. If I hadn't already budgeted my money I might have bought their kit. The woman's nails looked wicked. She even had a design of two people having rear-entry sex on one of her nails just for the Sex Show. I thought that was kinda cute. We watched the pole-dancing show and Las Gatas dancing. I ended up buying a schoolgirl outfit so that I can be a ninja schoolgirl for Halloween. I've yet to decide if I should wear the outfit with white knees socks or with black fishnets. Lauren and I were also sold on the Ultimate Personal Shaver. The woman who was at the booth tried it out on a patch of Kyle's arm hair. It took her less than 10 seconds to shave the patch of his arm baby butt smooth. It was that fact that the shaver came with stencils (a lightning bolt!) that made us decide to buy it. Yes, we're simple people. So, 163.23$ later, not including subway fare or food, I am back.

I tried out the shaver last night and, what do you know, I have a defective one. I called the store I bought it from today and they said I'd have to bring it in with my receipt and they'd give me a new shaver. Too bad the store is near Toronto and I'm not going to be heading in that direction anytime soon I'm going there this weekend for Amanda & James' Halloween party. That's kind of depressing. Joey's just gonna have to deal with a stubbly girlfriend then.

I didn't end up taking that many pictures at the show. I felt weird taking pictures with so many scantilly-clad women around. You'll just have to deal with the few pictures I did take (most of them are of the Red Storm Burlesque show).

me with Gabriella Phillips she is President of Chain's Reaction. They had some really neat-looking stuff but i couldn't afford any of it. this is a really bad picture of me and she is blinking. ew ew ew
sickly sweet coat Joey got sold on some waterproofing stuff for leather. It has this weird sickly sweet smell that followed him around all day since he put the stuff on his coat when we sat down to get a drink and some food.
the weird devil woman I'm pretty sure the burlesque show had a plotline but I didn't understand it
more Red Storm the lighting is bad because of all the coloured spotlights. that's why everyone appears purple or something.
Red Storm 3
Red Storm 4
Red Storm 5 ooooh a fire show!
Red Storm 6
Red Storm 7 girls oiling each other up

I had a lot of fun at the Show and I know Lauren did too. The boys were sick of window shopping after the first hour. Maybe next year we'll go without them. After the show, we met up with Joey's friends, Amanda & James, at a bar and we ate dinner. We told them about the show and Amanda said she'd want to go next year. Guess we'll have to see. On the way home, it was really cold and the rain turned into wet snow. It's only October and I've already seen snow! I tried on the schoolgirl outfit for the boy and it was met with approval, which is good since he was the whole reason I bought it. Could someone please explain to me what the deal is with men liking schoolgirls? I'll have to budget more money for the show next year since now I know what kind of stuff is offered. Can't wait! Now I've got a midterm tomorrow and I've got to get studying. ew.

*stupid link of the day* Prussian Blue: young adorable twin girls who write, sing and play their own songs. they have fans in the US and Germany. they've been on magazine covers and played at festivals. they live with their mom and are homeschooled. they dress in matching outfits and are active in politics. too bad they're also all about white supremacy and aren't afraid to say so.
article: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate
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