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I can't believe that what I feel is really happening to me
Make it hurt
And point the finger at my insecurities
Well I guess I just don't understand about those complexities in your mind
And I guess I just don't understand why this world seems so unkind
Maybe just once I get what's coming to me.

**"Maybe Just Once" - Nine Inch Nails**

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm back from the cottage. I've got mosquito bites on my feet and they sure do itch. It was Joey (he isn't answering to "the slut" anymore and has therefore ruined my fun)'s birthday on Monday and he turned 24. Good for him. If all goes well I should have pictures from the week soon since he is supposed to go to his parents' house tomorrow. His mom was the one who was snap-happy with the camera. I took like ten pictures. I'm lazy. On the Friday we saw a huge snapping turtle and she got a few pictures of it so I do hope they turn out. There are also pictures of Snoopy the beagle in the motorboat with her ears flying back like Dumbo's.

I got tired of waiting so I am posting a few of the pictures I took while away. Friday, the 12th, a certain someone took me to see Green Day, my most favourite band ever. The doors to Molson Park didn't open till 4:00pm so we went to the Vaughn Mills Mall where I found one of the coolest stuffed animals I have ever seen! It was in some store that sold stuffed animals and Sanrio stuff and all sorts of neat and trendy trinkets for your house. I wish so much that I could remember the name of the store but I didn't even pay any attention to it. Inside that store, in the stuffed animal section, created by Russ was a cow in the shape of a sausage. Now, I love cows and I collect all sorts of cow stuff but this was the weirdest stuffed animal cow I have ever seen. Since it is made by Russ, I can only guess that the price is somewhere in the 60$ range. I'm hoping that Joey gets said cow for me for Christmas because oh how I want it so!
the sausage cow
the plush brassière yes, for some reason we found a huge plush bra

The Green Day concert was the first concert I ever felt old at. So many of the people there were between the ages of 12-17 and, boy, could you ever tell. I mean, some kids were under the age of 10 and if they were my kids I certainly wouldn't be taking them to a punk show where there's swearing and people smoking pot and all sorts of stuff. Someone Joey works with was at the concert too and of the huge number of people in attendance, we had to run into her. Now the people he works with know I actually exist. Damn! We weren't allowed to take anything into the park, not even my purse because I had pins on it. I would have loved to get pictures but, alas, no cameras. I'm sure I could have snuck one in if I really wanted to but I didn't really care enough. Anyway, the concert was very good (thank you!) and we rushed to leave so we weren't stuck in that much traffic. I also learned that certain males really truly are disgusting.

The next day we woke up early and headed to Joey's parents' house to get ready for the trek out to Buckhorn for a week. It was quite the drive out there made even more *cough* pleasant *cough* by the Eminem music I got to listen to the whole way up. Spending the week with another family was pretty interesting. Joey and his dad went out fishing a lot of the time so I got to bond with his mommy. I'm not scared of her anymore, which is a good thing and she likes me! Joey's brother's girlfriend Tara is an evil evil being and I wish her foulness in her life. She is one of the meanest, whiniest, most annoying people I have ever had to be around and I hope I never have to spend another extended period of time with her in the future. Michael is so nice and sweet and he could do so much better than that psycho. I wish he would wake up and smell the roses.
picture in the kitchen should be submitted to Maxim magazine's "Found Porn"
view from the porch on a sunny day
view from the porch on a cloudy day
Tara, Michael & Joey lookin' for fishies
we found an orange shuttlecock someone put it on my head
no more singing! if you sing along to country music, I threaten you with filming

There should be more pictures once someone sends them to me. A shot of the big snapping turtle, many more scenic shots, a campfire in the rain, etc etc etc. Unfortunately, there is one picture I have not been given permission to post on here: a picture of Joey's bum. He kept mooning everyone (I think he has a complex) so his mom suggested I draw a smiley face on his bum so it would be easier to tolerate seeing it all the time. I did and took a picture of it. He doesn't want the internet to see his bum so I cannot put the picture up but I can tell you all about it. And I did. I must say, it was interesting spending a whole week with stinky, disguting, dirty, gross, gassy boys. I had fun despite the fact that my catch phrase of the week was "you're gross!"

*stupid link of the day* Top Secret Recipes: super secret recipes for you to have so that you can make your own versions of your favourite restaurant foods.
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