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I can't believe that what I feel is really happening to me
Make it hurt
And point the finger at my insecurities
Well I guess I just don't understand about those complexities in your mind
And I guess I just don't understand why this world seems so unkind
Maybe just once I get what's coming to me.

**"Maybe Just Once" - Nine Inch Nails**

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Search referrals are a thing I've gotten a bunch of. Weird search referrals are something I've gotten a bunch of as well and, when I spot a particularily strange one, I've been a smart enough cookie to write it down so I could share it with you at a future date. That date is today!

I've just gotten through Week 1 of midterms (consisted of two exams, one 3-page philosophy paper on ecofeminism, which was a nightmare, and an essay on some boring novel called Vipers' Tangle). Coming up this week is just one midterm and one assignment, so I'm a bit relieved. Phew! Also, the weather has been oh so much warmer, which puts me in a better mood. However, it's also gonna be period week, which will cancel out my better mood (figures, huh?). I also felt like disabling the right-click option, as after a friend mentioning to me the possibility of saving my pictures, I got a little freaked. I know that no right-click won't stop people from taking them, but it'll just make it a bit tougher to do so. I just hope no one did take my pictures, as I wouldn't really like that so, please don't! Thanks.

Back on topic. I shall write out a fistful of the search words people have used that have led to this weblog. Some are *interesting* to say the least. I do wonder if people search for these things seriously or if it's just a curiosity thing. For example, last night, I was talking to a guy online and we started on the topic of strange fetishes and, all of a sudden, I wondered if there was a toothbrush fetish. Sure enough, upon making use of the popular Google, I came upon Paste Pumpers! I guess there really is a fetish for pretty much anything. However, I didn't find any results for a fetish of peanut butter on the roof of one's mouth, although there is a fear of it (arachibutyrophobia).

Here are a sample of my search referrals:

  • Ambesol spill on furniture (I really just have no clue what to make of this one. Is it bad for Ambesol to get on fabric or something?)
  • dolcett dinner (yeah, I've been asking for these referrals since putting up a Dolcett link... but do the people who search for them really have an interest in the site, or are they like me and curious/grossed out?)
  • Britney Spears pictures that make me want to masturbate (if this person was looking for something to spank to and found my weblog? uh-oh...)
  • tie clit she cum I cum (why am I picturing it tied with a ribbon in a pretty bow?)
  • bend tie force clit (ow ow ow and OW)
  • will steve and jasmine be together for a while (I know a Steve and I know a Jasmine, but they've never met each other)
  • Olsen twins incest (...)
  • tunak tunak tun english translation (if you haven't seen the music video, I suggest you find it online because it's hilarious! If you really can't find it and you really want to see it, I can send it to you)
  • courtney's camera (I do know someone named Courtney but she doesn't go around with a camera ever)
  • random emoticons (don't have any here)
  • dolcett spit (This person could have done well with the cannibalism faq I put up)
  • "feet hurt" exotic dancer (I would assume that after dancing all night in stilettos that one's feet would hurt)
  • sexual testing (do you have a sex? Testing, testing, 1 2 3)
  • "feet hurt" "shoes off" prom (What was this person hoping to find? maybe they have a sore feet fetish?)
  • Angelina Jolie kissing women (mmm... yeah, I'd totally do a search for this too... Except I know all the movies to watch already )
  • messenger names of brazil girls (I don't think I've ever even met anyone from Brazil, let alone talk to them online)
  • attractive vulvas (pfff... won't find any here!)
  • lesbian "i ache for you" (oh, how I ache to be a lesbian)
  • msn just for lovers sex store (there's sex stores on msn now? Cool! ha ha)
  • smartball in vagina wet (er... I think you'll be better off reading about the intimate details somewhere else)
  • once a month sex maybe (right now, I'd love to be having sex once a month)
  • maybe just once (there's been soooo many searches for this, with or without "blog")
  • I even got a search referral for the first + last names of one of my friends! Of course, I had to tell him about it and we had a good, if mildly creeped out laugh
  • meet me in the boy's bathroom (who? and why?)

So, there's a few of the random things people have visited my weblog by. Has anyone been one of the culprits of these searches? If so, would you even fess up to me? Come on! I wanna know why people search for random things like that. Is it curiosity? Or are you looking for something seriously, like nude pictures [of me]? Heh, with that, bring on more referrals, bitch!

Um... I was eating a cookie covered in sprinkles and one of the sprinkles has just fallen inside of my keyboard. Guess that'll teach me not to eat in front of the computer.

Mmm, time for some bitterness. I can't stand valentine's day. I hate even more when people try to shove it in my face even though they know I don't care for the day. I am a cynic and damn proud of it. So, in honour of the upcoming day (which I am going to have to spend within 100 kilometres of my roommate and her godawful boyfriend extension of her epidermis... Fuck, they just think they are the cutest thing ever), I found this website via a search engine and this post really made my day. I'm sure I will have a more bitter angry post closer to "the big day". It's not so much that love itself is a cunt; it's just when people try to smush your face into it that you start feeling the hatred. Living with one half of an attached couple (so technically, living with an attached couple) can make you really despise them. Can and will. I would just love to kick open the door to the next room and stab them with forks. Oh, it would bring me so much joy! I hate attached couples. Yes, actual hate, as in I want to cause them mentally, spiritually or bodily harm. Hmm... maybe I'm just thinking too much at almost 3:30am.

*stupid link of the day* Etch-A-Sketch: this link is courtesy of Michael, and on it I shall draw pictures of the different ways in which I'd like to maim/murder Debbosh.
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