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I can't believe that what I feel is really happening to me
Make it hurt
And point the finger at my insecurities
Well I guess I just don't understand about those complexities in your mind
And I guess I just don't understand why this world seems so unkind
Maybe just once I get what's coming to me.

**"Maybe Just Once" - Nine Inch Nails**

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yesterday, was the Toronto day trip with some friends! We had planned on visiting a whole bunch of sex stores. There was myself, Amanda 1, Heidi, Kate, Andrea, Sarah, Amanda 2... and Joel. Joel was a very brave boy to accompany a bunch of girls for a day of shopping. We didn't even shop the whole day so he didn't have too much to worry about.

The first store we went into was Come As You Are. It was a very small but nice store. They had a pretty good selection of toys. What we were more fascinated by was the very realistic-looking dildo that felt exactly like real skin. None of us girls could stop touching it. I can't believe there is a material out there that feels like real skin now! The girls were also amused by sticking our fingers inside a Fleshlight because the inside of the vaginal-shaped one was ribbed and we were asking Joel if vaginas were really ribbed inside. I saw the book "Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man" and had to admit that it was an ingenious idea. I flipped through it and it was a rather detailed book so I'm sure the man who wrote it gave it his all. Is there a counterpart for straight men from a gay woman? Being the first store, none of us really were ready to buy anything yet. We wanted to price compare at a couple other places first.

The second store we went into was MisBehav'N. It's a cute little store. Besides the fact that it's about 300 degrees in there, it's very nice and the staff were pleasant. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a Saturday as this store has live models in the window on Saturdays. We were offered mocchachino or hot cranberry juice and told to listen for the pet parrot, whose name I don't remember, talking in the store. We looked around for a while and giggled at some of the products on there. Some of the titles of the toys (along with the images on the packaging) were just ridiculous! I wanted to take a couple pictures while in the store, but we were told that we weren't allowed. Boo! I tried on a nurse's outfit made from pvc just for fun. It was very... small. Some good giggles were had though at the sight of me in it. I ended up buying thigh highs with spiderwebs on them and a garter belt. Andrea bought a few things too, including stockings, and then we left the store.

Next stop was all the way down to Harbord Street to get to Good For Her. It took quite a while to get there. While the store is pretty small, they had a rather large display of toys (and a few other things) for women, including an entire wall for their video collection. A lot of the toys were things we had seen in previous stores so we spent a while pointing those out. It seemed that every store we went into, the number of animal-shaped vibes got more and more extensive. Animal-shaped ones creep me out. Why would you want to put a beaver on/in your beaver? Or a worm, a snake, a kitty, a platypus, a rabbit, a hummingbird, a sea otter... and the list goes on. The best thing I saw in that store, besides the sparkly blue strap-on harness (wanted to buy), was the realistic-looking non-erect penis. It came in a little harness and was for women who wanted to have a bit of a bulge in their pants. The penis even felt like a real one (not that I'd know anyway...)! Amanda 1 ended up getting a small cock ring + vibe for very cheap. She was thrilled. Amanda 2 was telling us about the bright purple rabbit vibe she had bought on a previous trip to this store. The clerks at the store showed us a bit of their brand-new stock that hadn't even been put out yet. They were leather snap-on bracelets custom-made by someone in Toronto. They were very nicely made and said things like "slut", "daddy", "submissive", "femme", "top", "switch", "feminist", "boi" and a few other things I can't remember. There was quite the selection and I was debating over getting the one that said "feminist" (as I thought the one that said "fucking feminist" was a bit much). But, I didn't end up getting it. I did buy some Smartballs though since I'd been hearing nothing but good things about them. Even the salesclerks were raving about 'em. The ones I got were black with hot pink stripes on them (I wanted the black & silver but the store was out of stock). Andrea bought a set of balls too.

We headed out again. This time to Seduction Erotic Boutique (these names just get so cheesy). The ironic thing was that, upon entering the store, we were asked if we were all over 18 (all of us were over 20) and asked to show our id. I can't believe we got carded at a sex store, how embarrassing! We looked around for a long time, marveling at all the tacky lingerie. There was a Real Doll and I was fascinated with her. I so want one but they're about $12, 000 Canadian so I don't think I'll ever get one. If I did have one, I'd just sit her (or him) on my sofa and have people give me strange looks ha ha! The store had a very large selection of lubricants and massage oils. There was this one jar of lube that was about a litre in size. If you bought that, you'd never ever need lube again. It was huge! Amanda 1 and Joel were trying to decide on flavoured massage oils they'd both enjoy while the rest of us, on a recommendation from one of the sales clerks, were trying out O'My flavoured lubricant. Now, having sampled many and being sick of the nasty alcohol aftertaste, I was incredibly pleased with this brand. There was no alcohol taste whatsoever and the flavours, while not having a huge selection, were fairly decent. The Strawberry Cheesecake one didn't taste like its' label at all, but the group consensus was the the Cappuchino-flavoured O'My lube was by far the very best. We all agreed that we'd probably just eat the stuff straight out of the tube! So, if anyone out there is going to buy flavoured lube, I (and all the people I shopped with on Friday) are highly recommending the O'My brand as it's very yummy. The store Northbound Leather was across the street, but Amanda 2 and Sarah told us it was a sketchy place and we wouldn't be able to afford anything in it anyway so we decided not to stop in.

After Seduction, we had to leave to go to dinner since we had reservations for 6:30 and it was almost 6:00. We were going to go to Mr. Greenjeans inside the Eaton Centre since Lauren was working in the mall and she got off work at 6:00 and wanted to meet us for dinner. We also met up with Leya and James and we all had a yummy dinner. It's hard to believe that this restaurant was only rated with 3 stars as it is very good and the servers who work there are great. Our server of the day was named Steve and he was hilarious. He told us that if we ever needed him, we could just yell his name and he'd come running. Of course, as soon as he walked away, we all yelled "Steve" and indeed he came a-runnin'! After not being able to take any pictures in the sex stores, we took a few pictures at the restaurant for further proof of our day.

After dinner, it was almost 10:00 so Amanda 1, Heidi, Joel and and I realized we had to head back. We said goodbye to everyone and went on our way. On the walk back to the car, we passed by the Condom Shack (the smaller one on Queen Street) so we decided to make a quick stop inside just for kicks. I saw one of Sue Johansen's books on the shelf in there and was immediately thrilled as she is my idol. There wasn't that much in the Condom Shack other than stuff we'd seen before or just things we could laugh at. Amanda 1 wanted a cake in the shape of a penis with penis candles for her birthday and I suggested that we attempt to make one for the Fantasia Party she and I will be hosting near the end of next month. I didn't get dropped off at home till almost midnight and, of course was still too wired to sleep so I ended up staying awake till 4:00am.

Well, thus concludes the end of my trip description. I had a lot of fun and I'm glad I met Sarah, Amanda 2, Kate, Heidi and Joel (didn't much get a chance to talk to James) because they are a lot of fun. Amanda 1 and Heidi said they'd have to take me to the Starlight Lounge one day so we could go dancing to some good music (not incessant rap/reggae songs) and not have to worry about boys grinding on us. Hope everyone else had as interesting a Friday as I did!

[edit] my Smartball review: other than the fact that, personally, I find them awkward and trying to get in as I am not used to being stretched (gotta remedy that, need a boy), they're rather amusing. Not anywhere near enough to make my knees weak, but they're enough to give me a giggle. Especially when I put a little bounce in my walk. I'm not quite sure why there's 2 balls as the one that sits in the uppermost area, I can't quite feel. I've found that when one ball is still out while the other is in, and tugging forwards on the string is fun enough to bring a smile. I think my most favourite part though is the fact that they're black with hot pink stripes. I love it (thanks Andrea for making me pick these ones)! I think the makers should have made the string a little thicker though, as I am always afraid I am going to break it/rip the coating, even though the balls say they're made to be tugged on (for resistance practice).
Maybe it's just me... does any other woman out there have issues with muscles just pushing things out on their own? I swear, I'm very relaxed, but everything just gets pushed right out. I don't understand. Can one be too tight? Maybe I'm just not as relaxed as I think I am, but I find it weird that my muscles just push things out (more so when I flex).

Question: what comes out of ejaculating dildos? It's just been something I've wondered a lot and I can't seem to find any info about it.
Possible answer: "Inside the box, you may get a recommendation for a Cum Recipe that says, '1 Quarter cup of sweet condensed milk, 1 egg white, and add sugar until you reach desired thickness.' A customer emailed us the following info about that: 'sugar in vaginas lends to instant yeast infections, and it can?t be that great of an idea to load one?s ass up with it either. A preferred substance would be plain yogurt. The PH balance more closely resembles that inside the body. Add water to reach desired thickness.' ? #WF0502-7" SexToySex

*stupid link of the day* the Quantum Sleeper: do you need to feel safer while sleeping at night? This stupid link was courtesy of my internet friend, Rob.
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