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my thoughts

I can't believe that what I feel is really happening to me
Make it hurt
And point the finger at my insecurities
Well I guess I just don't understand about those complexities in your mind
And I guess I just don't understand why this world seems so unkind
Maybe just once I get what's coming to me.

**"Maybe Just Once" - Nine Inch Nails**

Friday, December 03, 2004

I survived the week! I'm alive after the week of hell! And, I'm home all alone till Wednesday (roommate went home to study). So, I've got no studying to do for the next few days, no food to eat and no one to keep me company. Yes, I could call a friend but everyone's so busy since it's exam time. *sigh* So, I decided to post on here.
There's just something that so many people love about doing something you're not supposed to be doing. Adrenaline rush and all that jazz, I guess.

A while ago, I had this idea winding its way through my thoughts and it wouldn't leave me alone until I let my mind wrap around it and let the images appear before me. He would dress her up like a whore, all in black with red red lips. Blowjob lips, I like to call them. Pouty and swollen and dying to have them wrapped around his... Anyway, back to my little daydream. He would have her dressed up to please his eyes only and he would take her somewhere in the middle of the night. It would be very dark and the only light would be from the half moon and from the streetlights. There would be no sound but the occasional crickets chirping and the clicking of her heels on the sidewalk as they approach the destination. Before she is allowed to assess the area, she is blindfolded.

She is led forward and pushed to her knees. Leaning her torso across something flat and hard, he brings her arms around and underneath the object, binding her wrists there. With the way he moved her arms and the way the material feels against her cheek and stomach, she realizes she is kneeling against a park bench somewhere outside. The dirt is damp and cool against her knees and the wood is hard against her cheek. He brings her knees together and fastens them to the leg of the bench. She can hear the swish of his shoes against the grass. The slight breeze whispers over her thighs and shimmies its way up her skirt, giving her goosebumps all over.
She starts to worry that, even though it's the middle of the night that someone will walk by and see her bound like this.

She starts to get nervous and fidgets, pulling on her bonds. The seat of the bench shifts and she realizes he is sitting on it. He strokes her hair, making little shushing sounds to calm her. When she is quiet again, he moves around behind her and she feels the warmth of his hands on her legs, her thighs, her ass. The heat of his skin soothes away the tingle of the goosebumps and helps to quiet the rest of her nerves. She leans back into his caresses and he rewards her calmness by slipping a finger inside of her. She can't help but respond to the new sensation and somewhere in the back of her mind, she is still conscious of the fact that they are outside in a public area. What if someone decides to go for a late night stroll? What if the police make their rounds to see if teenagers are causing any trouble? What if...?

The idea of the risk he has taken with her thrills her and she smiles despite herself. She wonders what other people have done on this bench. She wonders if this bench has ever had anyone tied to it before. If it has, she wonders when and if it was like this. Most of all, she wonders who. Maybe it was someone she knew. Maybe it was someone she'd never expect, like the old religious couple who lived down the street. Maybe it was someone young and sexy. She started weaving herself a delicious fantasy about another young woman getting fucked on this very same bench. So absorbed in her fantasy was she that she barely realized when he began to fuck her.
Her lower abdomen began to press against the edge of the bench and she let out a soft moan. He didn't want her to get loud just in case other people were about. He reached forward and stuffed his fingers into her mouth and demanded that she not make a single sound while he fucked her.

She loved the fact that this was completely his idea, that he planned this out enough to have a late night with her just so he could take her here and do this to her. She loved the fact that he knew she couldn't cum from him fucking her in this position and that he didn't care. He just wanted to fuck her because he wanted to fuck.

In the silence, she could hear everything that was happening: the creaking of the wooden bench, her gasps as she was rammed into the bench, the sucking sounds her mouth made around his fingers, the slapping of his stomach against her ass, his raspy breathing. She could tell he was going to cum soon just by listening to it. She loved being able to hear everything single thing about their act. It made it so much more intimate and so much more naughty, like they were even breaking the silence of the night.

Suddenly, he pulled out and she moaned in dissapointment. She listened to him walk around and felt a tug on her hair as he reminded her that he had told her to keep quiet. He pulled off her blindfold and she looked up at him questioningly. He told her that because she made a sound, he wasn't going to cum inside her. She couldn't help pouting as she watched him kneel on the bench in front of her and jerk himself off. He came all over the wood just in front of her face and demanded that she lick up his cum. He wanted her to place her tongue on a bench where countless numbers of peoples' asses had been placed.

She strained forward as much as she could but the rope holding her legs to the bench wouldn't give enough to let her reach. She stuck out her tongue as far as it would go but it still wasn't enough for her to do what he wanted. She whimpered because she wanted to do what he asked of her, but was physically incapable of it. A tear rolled down her face and he chuckled softly and smoothed her hair out of her eyes and told her it was okay, that he just wanted to see her try to please him. He untied her and told her she could stand up but instead she did the cleaning job she was supposed to do and beamed at herself.

It's evening here now and I just wonder if, later on tonight, something like this will happen to someone around here. Makes me giggle thinking about it. I wonder how many sexual escapades have gone on around my house at night in the open. I wonder how many have been caught by someone. I wonder when it'll be my turn to head out into the night for some fun. Ha ha not anytime soon since it's freezing out there. Winter's here, everyone. Guess the outside sexcapades will be cut off for another season... unless you don't mind doing it in the snow?

*stupid link of the day* Sonic Warfare - the scariest mp3s: want to listen to some of the world's scariest mp3s? I downloaded "Tuna Groove" by Kongar-ol Ondar and it's such a neat-sounding song!
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